These days, due to changing lifestyle, cases of infertility are increasing. It can affect both men and women. However, in this article, we are telling you about the causes of infertility in women.

There can be many reasons for infertility in women. But there is no doubt that women's habits also cause a decline in their fertility. Here you can know about some such habits.

Eating unhealthy foods
A healthy balanced diet plays an important role in maintaining fertility. Gaining too much or losing too much weight can both affect ovulation. A high intake of processed food, sugar and unhealthy fats is linked to reduced ovulation and uterine problems.

Smoking and alcohol consumption
Smoking and alcohol consumption are not only harmful to your overall health but it can also reduce fertility. Smoking lowers estrogen levels and damages the ovaries. On the other hand, excessive consumption of alcohol can make the menstrual cycle irregular and reduce the chances of pregnancy.

Lack of exercise
Being physically active not only helps in weight management but is also beneficial for reproductive health. Regular exercise helps regulate the menstrual cycle and keep the uterus healthy. However, excessive exercise can also be harmful and can stop the menstrual cycle.

Taking too much stress
Stress hormones can affect fertility. Stress can cause a delay in ovulation and thin the uterine lining, making it difficult to conceive.

Ignoring irregular menstrual periods
Irregular or painful menstruation can be a sign of underlying health problems that can cause infertility. Conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can affect the menstrual cycle and reduce the chances of pregnancy. In such a situation, ignoring it can prove to be a big mistake.

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