In this busy life, it is common to be a victim of weakness and exhaustion due to not being able to take out time for oneself. Due to weakness in the body, a person is not able to concentrate on doing any work properly. But when it comes to manpower, then some caution must be exercised in this matter. If a man has a weakness, then there are problems in his married life. In such a situation, to improve your sex life, you should include such things in your diet, which along with removing the physical weakness of men, also work to increase the sex drive. Let's know about such a diet...

Men must eat green leafy vegetables. Eating spinach can prove to be very good for men. Spinach keeps the heart healthy by correcting the blood flow in the body. It improves the efficiency of men. It is not necessary that only spinach vegetable can be eaten, you can drink it by mixing it in a protein shake or smoothie or you can eat it by adding it to the salad.

Men should eat almonds every day. Magnesium is found in abundance in almonds. Men have been found to be deficient in magnesium and also have low testosterone levels. Magnesium helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function. Almond also gives energy to the body. Almonds are also important for the health of the heart and blood vessels.

Desi Ghee contains many nutrients like vitamins A, and D, Minerals, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus along with fatty acids, which give energy to the body and also help in removing the physical weakness of the person. Consuming ghee improves memory and also increases semen in men.