Only when the country's army protects the borders, the countrymen can sleep peacefully in their homes. At the same time, if you are asked who fights the war on the border, your answer will be the Indian Army. But do you know that apart from fighting wars, the Army also works for the common people at the grassroots level? But very few people know about this thing. Actually, there are some units of the Indian Army which work for the common people. Two of these units are AMC and ASC. So let us know about these two units in detail. You can learn about them in the next slides...

First, know what is AMC unit:-
AMC i.e. Army Medical Corps is a part of the Indian Army i.e. it is its unit. AMC is posted everywhere along with the security forces.

Work of this unit:-
Treating wounded or sick soldiers
To provide medical facilities to the army and army personnel and their families.
Apart from these, the AMC unit also helps in the treatment of common people from time to time and sometimes it works at the grassroots level in collaboration with NGOs.

Learn about the ASC Unit:-
ASC is also a unit of the Indian Army like AMC. Its full name is Army Service Corps. This corps is always deployed wherever soldiers perform duty.

A look at the work:-
The work of this unit is to deliver ration water to the place of duty of the soldiers.
This unit also helps the common citizens in case of disaster.
Along with this, ASC collaborates with people and NGOs, from treating people to other help.

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