Valentine's Week is celebrated in February. Due to this, love is in the air throughout this month. The atmosphere remains quite pleasant. Valentine's Week starts on 7th February i.e. Rose Day. After Rose Day comes Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, and then Hug Day. Hug Day is very important for every loving couple. On this day people express their love by hugging their partners.

Hugging not only gives a feeling of love but also of belongingness and companionship. Due to this, hugging is also called a magic hug. If you want to hug your partner for the first time on this Hug Day, then we are going to tell you some tips for this. While hugging your partner, you must keep some things in mind, which are mentioned in this article.

Please before hugging
If you want your partner to hug you automatically, then you can make him/her happy by first giving him/her a gift or praising him/her. By doing this your partner will feel happy and hug you.

Be sure to keep these things in mind
While hugging your partner for the first time, keep in mind that he/she should not feel uncomfortable. Many times it happens that boys suddenly hug their partners on their own, due to which girls become very uncomfortable.

Take care of feelings
Never hug your partner tightly for the first time. This may make them feel awkward. Along with this, do not do a formal hug immediately, this will make them feel that you are doing formality.

Keep track of time
If you are going to hug your partner for the first time, then keep in mind the timing. Do not hug them for a long time. Apart from this, never separate suddenly.

Please make eye contact first
Before hugging your partner for the first time, make eye contact once. Along with this, conversation before hugging is very important.

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