Too often we see that the zippers of our favorite bags ever break and the whole look deteriorates. Often it is time to pay for the bags to be repaired. Due to the bad zip of the handbag, you can't use it properly or match any good dress. If not, what is the use of a broken zip handbag? Although its zip can be repaired, have you ever wondered what can be done to prevent the bags from spoiling too quickly?

Some of the everyday mistakes can ruin your expensive bag right away and due to lack of time, when you don't fix it quickly, this bag also gets damaged forever. Some of your habits, along with wasting money, also ruin your favorite handbag. We are going to talk about some of the mistakes that you need to change these habits immediately.

Carrying oil or tiffin box in handbag

Often the girls hurriedly put a small bottle of oil or a tiffin box in their bag. Sometimes you do this because you don't want to use two bags at the same time. But this mistake of yours can ruin your expensive handbag and its zip. In fact, many times an item is placed in the tiffin, causing the oil to leak out and reach the zip of the handbag. When the oil reaches the zipper, the zipper of the bag becomes difficult to open and close and its zipper gets damaged and breaks within a few days.

Handbag overload

The special habit of girls is to keep everything they need in their handbags. From their makeup kits to fashion accessories, girls keep them in their handbags. Sometimes your handbag is so full that it is difficult to unzip and close it. Frequent opening and closing of zipped loaded bags increases the risk of damage and breakage. Which can also damage your handbag.

Open and close the handbag zipper loudly

It is often seen that the zipper of the handbag is opened and closed in a hurry. Doing so often causes the threads to get stuck in the zipper and increase the risk of damage to the zipper. Sometimes hastily unzipping it also breaks it and spoils your favorite and expensive handbag (thus a leather handbag should be cleaned). To avoid this mistake, you should always make sure that no other part of the bag gets stuck in it while opening the zipper of the handbag and open and close the zipper slowly.

Put the bag anywhere

In a hurry, you put your handbag anywhere in a damp place, in the garden or in a dirty place. Moisture Moisture also comes in its zip and is likely to deteriorate. In addition, many times your handbag gets soaked in rain water and the water causes the zip to rust and break. Before placing a handbag anywhere, remember that it will not contain water or moisture.

Always keep the zip of the handbag closed

We always close some of the bags so the zips get damaged. Sometimes the zipper of unused bags should also be kept open. So as not to spoil. Always try to use every part of your handbag. Try to place some items in each section of the handbag so that all its zips can be used.