Homemade Face Mist: Just as the routine of sleeping, waking, and eating changes with the changing seasons, some changes are needed in the skincare routine too, especially in winter. Because the problem of dryness increases a lot in this season. In this season it is important to keep him hydrated both inside and outside. Although drinking an adequate amount of water is the best option to keep the skin hydrated, drinking water also reduces a little in winter. In such a situation, if you want to keep your skin fresh and also protect it from dryness and wrinkles, then include face mist in your skincare routine. You can prepare at home with the help of some things, let us know how.

Green Tea Face Mist
Green tea is best for oily and acne-prone skin. It helps in opening the clogged pores and keeps the sebum production under control due to which the problem of pimples starts reducing.

Make its mist like this
For this, take 1/2 cup water and add a green tea bag to it. Let this mixture cool thoroughly. After it cools down, add 2-3 spoons of rose water to it and then fill it in a spray bottle. You can keep it in the refrigerator and use it for a week. Spray it on the face after washing your face in the morning. By the way, it can also be used before sleeping or before applying makeup.

Cucumber Face Mist
Both eating and applying cucumber are beneficial for health and skin. Cucumber contains a good amount of water which keeps the skin hydrated. If you want a natural glow on your skin, then a face mask made from cucumber is very effective.

Make its mist like this
First of all, take one cucumber and grind it well. With the help of a strainer, separate the juice and pulp of the cucumber. Now add 6 to 8 drops of rosemary essential oil in cucumber juice and also one spoon of rose water. Natural cucumber face mist is ready. Spray it on the face every morning and night.

Benefits of face mist
Essential oils are used in homemade face mists. Whose fragrance works like aromatherapy and keeps the nerves of the skin relaxed. So that the skin looks fresh.

Most homemade mists have cooling properties and natural fragrance. Both of these work to keep the skin fresh and hydrated. Face mists also protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals.