In today's busy life, every second person is troubled by the problem of migraines due to bad lifestyle and bad eating habits. This is a problem of headache in which the person experiences unbearable pain. Along with pain, there may be discomfort, vomiting, and light sensitivity. When migraine pain arises, it seems as if something can be found which will cure the problem immediately. In such situations, people resort to painkillers. However, taking painkillers repeatedly can cause many other physical problems. In such a situation, you can relieve migraine pain with the help of home remedies. To relieve migraine pain, you can take help from some things present in your kitchen. Ayurvedic DrDeekshaBhavsar is giving information about this.

Home remedies to relieve migraine pain

Soaked raisins

To relieve migraine pain, you can eat soaked raisins. Experts say that you should soak 10-15 raisins overnight. Eating these raisins first thing in the morning provides relief from migraine pain. When consumed continuously for 12 weeks, it reduces excess bile as well as excess bile in the body and soothes all the symptoms associated with migraine like acidity, nausea, one-sided pain, and heat intolerance.

Cumin-cardamom tea

According to experts, cumin and cardamom tea can also provide relief from migraine pain. You can take it one hour after lunch or dinner. Or you can drink this tea whenever you feel pain.

Make tea like this

  • 1 glass water
  • half teaspoon celery
  • cardamom coarsely ground
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • tablespoon coriander seeds
  • 4 to 5 mint leaves

Boil all these ingredients on a medium flame for 3 minutes and drink it sip by sip. It works best for relieving nausea and stress.

Cow ghee

Cow's ghee is considered very beneficial in relieving migraine pain. Experts say that nothing works better than cow's ghee in balancing excess pitta in the body and mind. You can eat cow's ghee by adding it to roti, rice or vegetables. Apart from this, you can also consume it by adding it to milk before sleeping at night. In case of migraine pain, putting two drops of cow's ghee in the nose provides quick relief from the pain.

To cure migraine from its roots, it is important to follow healthy eating habits as well as breathing exercises and a proper lifestyle.

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