Cholesterol Control Tips: Increasing cholesterol is not considered good for health at all, because it increases the risk of high BP, heart attack, and diabetes.

Will Chicken Increase Cholesterol: In India, the number of non-vegetarian food eaters is more than vegetarians. According to the National Family Health Survey 2015-16, 78 percent of women and 70 percent of men in India eat non-vegetarian food. In such a situation, chicken is the choice of most people because it contains less fat than red meat and its cost is also not high, but the biggest question is whether eating chicken increases bad cholesterol in the body or not, let's know.

Cholesterol rate increases by eating non-veg

Due to the saturated fat present in red meat, cholesterol level increases, so many dieticians also consider chicken more healthy than non-veg items. No doubt eating chicken fulfills the protein requirements of the body, but eating anything in excess proves to be harmful, same things happen with chicken.

Eating Chicken Beneficial or Harmful?

The chicken will be beneficial or harmful for your health, it will depend on how you have cooked this non-veg item. If you have used more oil in cooking chicken, which has more saturated fat, then it will increase cholesterol.

Nutrients found in chicken

-Protein - 27.07 grams

-Cholesterol - 87 milligrams

-Fat - 13.5 grams

-Calories - 237 milligrams

-Calcium - 15 milligrams

-Sodium 404 milligrams

-Vitamin A - 160 micrograms

-Iron - 1.25 milligrams

-Potassium - 221 milligrams

Cholesterol increases with these chicken recipes

If you use more butter, oil, or any other saturated fat in preparing chicken, then obviously cholesterol will increase. Butter Chicken, Chicken Changji, Kadai Chicken, and Afghani Chicken will increase fat

Cholesterol will be maintained by these chicken recipes.

If you want the bad cholesterol in the blood not to increase by eating chicken, then for this, you can select some special recipes, such as chicken soup, and chicken tandoori made in less oil, and cooked on coal. Chicken Kebabs. In all these food items, the use of cooking oil and butter is very less, so they do not cause much harm to the health.

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