Chemical On Mango: If mangoes are ripened naturally, they can bring a lot of health benefits, on the contrary, if chemicals have been used in cooking, then they can prove to be a home of diseases.

Carbide In Mango: Who doesn't like the taste of mango, everyone eagerly waits for the summer season. Right now the mango season has not fully arrived, but mangoes can be seen in the markets and shops, people who are fond of them are buying them indiscriminately, but be careful. Buying mangoes during this season can be dangerous. Because they can be cooked with chemicals or carbide.

Why are mangoes cooked with chemicals?

Generally, many businessmen use chemicals and carbide to earn more profit. If you eat it, it reaches the nervous system of the body, which can cause serious harm to health, so caution is very important.

How to cook mango.

If the mango has been plucked raw from the tree, then it can be cooked naturally. For this, you can bring mangoes filled in a warm place, such as sacks, and straws. But if things like carbon monoxide, and acetylene gas are used in it, then it becomes dangerous.

Diseases caused by eating chemical-laden mangoes:

Eating chemical-laden mangoes damages your nervous system, which can cause brain damage, besides it also causes deadly diseases like cancer, which includes skin cancer, colon cancer, nervous system, brain damage, cervical cancer, and skin cancer.

How to identify chemical mangoes?

You can identify the mango by smelling it, if it is ripe with carbide then it will smell strong.

- If you eat such mangoes, then it will taste astringent, otherwise, it will taste natural.

If the mango is cooked with chemicals, then it will look yellow in some places and green in some places.

When mango is cooked naturally, its color looks almost the same.

If you cut the mango, then green or white spots can be seen inside.

Naturally ripened mangoes look completely yellow.

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