As the summer season approaches, the risk of infection in children increases. Strong sunlight, sweat and contaminated water are the main causes of these infections. In such a season, parents need to pay more attention to the health of their children.

In this article you can know about 5 such infections in detail. Along with this, we are also telling you the measures to prevent this which can prove to be very effective in keeping your child healthy.

1. Diarrhea

In summer, the problem of diarrhea becomes common in children due to consumption of unclean food and water. Frequent diarrhea can cause lack of water in the child's body, putting them at risk of dehydration.

Symptoms- frequent loose stools, abdominal pain, fever, vomiting

Prevention- Always give clean water to children. Avoid giving outside cooked food. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before serving them.

2. Dengue

Dengue fever is spread by mosquito bites. Because mosquitoes are more prevalent in summer, it is very important to protect children from mosquitoes.

Symptoms- high fever, severe body pain, joint pain, vomiting

Prevention- Make children wear full sleeve clothes. Use mosquito net. Do not allow water to accumulate around the house.

3. Chikungunya

Chikungunya fever also spreads through mosquito bites. Every year several thousand cases are reported, in which children have the highest number.

Symptoms- high fever, severe body ache, joint pain , headache, fatigue

Prevention- Measures to prevent dengue are also effective in preventing chikungunya.

4. Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

This is a viral infection which is more common in small children. It can spread by sneezing, coughing or touching contaminated surfaces.

Symptoms- blisters on hands, feet and mouth, fever, sore throat

Prevention- Make children habit of washing hands frequently. Take care of cleanliness of toys and surroundings.

5. Heat Stroke

Children are at risk of heat stroke in extreme heat . Playing in the sun for too long or being too hot inside the house can be the reason for this.

Symptoms- high fever (may not occur sometimes), severe headache, dizziness, symptoms of fainting.

Prevention- Do not let children play outside in the hot afternoon sun, make them drink plenty of fluids, make them wear loose and cotton clothes.