What Bhagyashree Eats During Lunch: Bollywood actress Bhagyashree often surprises everyone with her fitness. It is difficult for anyone to believe that she is 54 years old. In 1989, she played the lead role in director Sooraj Barjatya's blockbuster movie 'Maine Pyar Kiya' opposite Salman Khan. Today we will talk about which healthy diet she eats in lunch which keeps her fit. Let us tell you that in his Instagram story, she had shared a photo of her lunch plate which was filled with green vegetables.

What does Bhagashree eat for lunch?

1. Pumpkin Vegetable

Pumpkin curry is known for its simple and unique taste, there would hardly be any house in India where it is not cooked. It can be eaten with both rice and roti. This improves digestion and also controls weight.

2. Bottle gourd peel vegetable

While cooking bottled gourd vegetables, most of us remove their peel and throw them in the dustbin, but you might not know that by mixing spices with it, an excellent recipe can be prepared. May go.

3. Torai Ki Sabzi:

This is a popular Indian dish, which is often cooked with spices, and sometimes tomatoes, onions, and potatoes are mixed in it. This is a healthy vegetable and keeps us healthy.

4. Tinda Masala:

This is a very common recipe which is not liked by many people but is very beneficial from a health point of view. It is cooked with spices. If you eat it, the body will get many nutrients.

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