Most people use hot water during the winter season. Drinking hot water cures throat infections and ends sore throat. Hot water is beneficial for the stomach. It heals the digestive system and keeps the body warm from the inside. Health experts recommend drinking hot water in winter, but the habit of drinking hot water proves harmful for some people. Health experts say that hot water shows the opposite effect in some people. Let us know what are the disadvantages of drinking too much hot water.

Hot water can cause harm
1. Health experts say that our body is made to digest normal water, but when we use hot water, it proves to be harmful. It is not easy for the kidneys to filter hot water. This happens especially when you drink too much hot water. The kidney has to work more to filter it. Because of this, the kidney is not able to function at its normal rate.

2. Many people have drunk a lot of hot water to keep themselves healthy during the Corona period. Because of this, there has been a bad effect on the health of some people. If the water is too hot, only blisters can occur in the throat, due to which has more effect on the internal tissues of the body. Experts say that drinking too much hot water can increase the problem of acidity. Excess hot water proves harmful to the membranes present inside the digestive system. Due to this, the risk of ulcers increases.

3. Some people do not sleep at night. Let us tell you that if a person sleeps after drinking hot water at night, then due to this his sleep breaks again and again. This problem in sleeping can lead to stress in the future. It has been told in Ayurveda that instead of drinking hot water, lukewarm water is better for health. Instead of drinking hot water, it is better to give more attention to normal water.