Weight Gain Reasons: Increasing body weight is becoming a big problem nowadays. But if this weight increases suddenly, then you should be alerted. There can be 4 major reasons for this, which we tell you in detail.

Weight Gain Causes and Effects: Nowadays due to haphazard eating habits and distance from physical activities, obesity has become common in people. Especially this problem is being seen more in girls. After marriage, as their age increases, their weight starts increasing rapidly. The sudden increase in body weight is also an indicator of 4 major diseases, of which most women are not aware. Today we are going to tell you about those four reasons in detail.

Weight gain causes

Hormonal changes

It is normal for a girl to gain weight after her marriage. The reason for this is that after having a physical relationship, hormonal changes start taking place in the body, due to which the girls' fat starts increasing rapidly and they swell.

Sitting for a long time

Women who do continuous desk jobs for a long time, have to deal with back pain as well as the problem of weight gain. The reason for this is that due to sitting for a long time, their physical movement is less, due to which the calories are not burnt and they keep climbing on the stomach, waist, and hips in the form of fat.

Drink less water

To keep yourself fit and slim-trim, it is very important to drink water regularly. But many women drink very little water. Due to this, they have tiredness and weakness, to overcome which they keep eating something or the other all the time. Due to this, the weight of the body (Weight Gain Causes) increases and many types of diseases also surround it.


Lack of sleep is also one of the reasons for sudden rapid weight gain in women. Actually, due to family and office work, women are not able to get 7-8 hours of sleep peacefully, due to which they start having fat cravings and sugar. Due to both these reasons, the weight of the body also starts increasing.

Signs of many diseases

Sudden rapid weight gain in a woman is also a sign of many major diseases. These include depression, anxiety, and thyroid or intestinal problems. If these problems are not controlled in time, then it does not take long for these diseases to become serious.