Footwear For Diabetic Patients: Diabetes is a very complex disease, once it happens to someone, it does not leave it for life, at present, diabetes cannot be eradicated from the root, but it is important to understand that diabetes is not the end of life. Is. If you adopt a healthy lifestyle, then you will be saved from many problems. Diabetic patients face many problems related to the feet, in such a situation it is necessary to choose the right shoes so that the blood sugar level can be controlled.

Foot problems in diabetes

When the blood sugar level is up and down, the blood vessels present in the feet also get affected due to which problems related to the feet occur. Most patients with diabetes have wounds on their feet, and the skin of the sole becomes hard. Once a wound occurs, it takes a long time to heal. That's why you must choose the right shoes. Let's know what things diabetic patients should take care of while buying shoes.

Keep these things in mind while buying shoes

1. Resting the feet is essential for diabetic patients, so buy footwear that is comfortable and does not harm the health of the feet. Do not wear tight or awkward shoes for the sake of fashion.

2. It is good to have shoes of your size, big or small shoes will hurt your feet, which is not good in the condition of diabetes. Fit shoes help a lot in controlling blood sugar.

3. There are many types of shoes available in the market for diabetic patients. The toes should not have any problem in walking while wearing shoes, otherwise, it will not be good for your health.

4. Try to wear sandals in which there is ease of movement of the toes, it reduces the chances of getting sores and blisters.

5. Diabetes patients should not buy high heels shoes or sandals even by mistake because it puts extra pressure on the feet which is not good.

6. If you have more difficulty in walking, or often the soles become hard, then choose padded shoes.

Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Must take medical advice before adopting it. Kalamtimes does not confirm it.

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