Constipation has become a common thing for people. But this disease is such that if ignored it can take a big form. That's why one should always be careful with this disease. The problem of constipation is more due to the consumption of junk food, drinking alcohol, lack of fiber in food, drinking less water, consuming more meat, smoking cigarettes, etc. If you are not involved in physical activity, then there is also a complaint of constipation. If this problem persists for a long time, then a fatal disease like piles takes birth. To avoid this, today we will also tell you some home remedies. Using which you can avoid this disease

Avoid eating medicine, and eat foods rich in fiber
In case of complaints like constipation, you should avoid medicines and adopt home remedies that will not harm your body. Diseases like constipation will also be removed from the root. If you have constipation, then you should consume plenty of liquid and fiber-rich substances. If you want to take medicine then try Ayurvedic home remedies.

Eat freshly cooked food
Those who have complaints of constipation should always eat freshly cooked food. Consume hot foods, hot beverages, and well-cooked vegetables. Reduce the use of oil and spices in vegetables.

Triphala helps in relieving constipation
Triphala helps a lot in relieving constipation in Ayurvedic treatment. Triphala contains glycosides. In which laxative properties are found. You can make tea by mixing it in hot water. You can also mix one-fourth teaspoon Triphala, half a teaspoon coriander seeds, and one-fourth teaspoon cardamom. Grind them together and mix them in water and drink it, it will be more beneficial.

Roasted fennel is also beneficial
If you are troubled by constipation, then take a glass of warm water and mix one spoon of roasted and ground fennel in it, and then drink it. This strengthens your digestion process.

Bael syrup, and licorice root is also beneficial
Bael fruit has laxative properties. If there is a problem of constipation, then eating half a cup of yellow bell syrup or its pulp with jaggery with a spoon will be beneficial. Apart from this, the root of licorice is very beneficial. Licorice root strengthens your poor digestion. Mixing one spoon of ground licorice root and one spoon of its properties in a cup of hot water and drinking it regularly, the problem of constipation will go away.