Fasting Tips For Navratri: Chaitra Navratri has started. This is one of the major festivals of Hindus and this festival will be celebrated all over the country for nine days. A large number of people worship Maa Durga by keeping fast for 9 days of Navratri. Keeping fast is considered beneficial for health in many ways, but some precautions must be taken during this. Not eating anything during fasting can be harmful to health. Today we will tell you what is the correct way of fasting for 9 days and what kind of diet people should take during the fast. It is important to know these things.

Kamini Sinha, the founder of Diet Mantra, Noida, UP, says that fasting properly during Navratri can be beneficial for health. Fasting properly detoxes the body and relaxes the intestines. Fasting can also manage weight to a great extent. However, being hungry for a long time during fasting is very harmful to health. Doing this can cause acidity, weakness, and headache. Not only this but being hungry for a long time can trigger a migraine. In such a situation, everyone should know the correct way of fasting.

Healthy ways to observe fast during Navratri
At least 2-3 liters of water should be drunk every day during Navratri fast. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated. Due to this, electrolyte balance is maintained in the body and there is no problem of any kind.

People should eat a lot of fruit during the fast. Also, dry fruits should be consumed from time to time. Due to this, the body will get the right amount of nutrients and will not feel weak.

During Navratri fasting, eat protein-rich foods like cheese, curd, and almonds. Protein takes time to digest and this makes the stomach feel full. Protein is very important for health.

Often you must have seen people eating fried items during fasting, but this should not be done. People should eat non-fried items instead of fried items. Oily things harm your health.

One should not remain empty stomach for a long time during the fast. Something should be eaten every 2-3 hours. Failure to do so can cause headaches, acidity problems. Along with this, weekends can also come. That's why something healthy must be eaten.