Parenting Tips: Children show anger in many forms including tantrums, hitting, kicking, biting, irritability etc. While violent behavior is a particular aspect of child development, it can also be a sign of a larger issue. For this parents may need to seek expert help. Aggressive behavior of children can harm not only them but also their families and society. If your child also gets very angry, then handle them in the 4 ways mentioned below and calm their anger.

Be consistent in your behavior:

Consistency is recognized by young children. Ignoring their misbehavior one day and yelling at them the next sends mixed messages. If your child is hitting you without any reason, look into his/her eyes and express your feelings. Make him realize that his behavior is not correct and try to explain to him why it is so. Hitting back at it or ignoring it will only encourage them to move on.

Let the child calm down:

When children get angry, they often do not listen to the people around them. In such a situation, instead of slapping them, remain calm and let them calm down. This gives parents more control over the situation and allows them to talk with their children more effectively. When your child calms down from anger, talk to him gently. Ask what was bothering him and why. Children should be taught how to control emotions like anger.

Teach them to use words to express disagreement:

Teach your child to say 'no' firmly, turn their back, or find concessions instead of fighting with their body. For example, you are teaching your child that words are more effective and civilized than physical violence in resolving disagreements.

Praise your child's good behavior:

Praise your child for good behavior and help him understand how 'big' he is when he uses these strategies instead of hitting, kicking, or biting. Is. Also, constantly reinforce and appreciate your child's polite and kind behavior.

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