Your ears are one of the sensitive parts of the body, and any kind of problem in which is very painful. In winter, it is often seen that the problem of ear pain or itching arises. Ear pain can be due to many reasons like sinus infection, cavity, hole in the eardrum, ear wax, tonsillitis, fluid buildup in the middle ear, common cold, or blockage in the nasal passage. When ear pain increases, it becomes very difficult to tolerate it. In such a situation, today we have brought some such home remedies for you, using which the pain of this pain in the ear can be calmed. Let us know about these measures…

Aloe vera
Aloe vera has been used by all of us in many types of beauty products. But you probably do not know that it can help in removing the problem of ear itching. Not only can aloe vera help restore pH balance, but it also soothes inflammation of inner ear tissues. Use a dropper to extract the gel from aloe vera leaves and put it in your ears.

If the ear pain is due to infection then the use of garlic will give you relief. Heat one or two cloves of garlic in sesame oil. Let it cool down. When it cools down, put one or two drops of it in the ear. Doing this will be beneficial.

Basil juice
Tulsi is considered full of medicinal properties. Earache can be relieved by pouring basil juice into the ear. You can get relief in 2-3 days by extracting the juice of fresh basil leaves and putting 1-2 drops in the ear.