In today's time, it is being seen that even good looking people are falling prey to heart attack. Due to today's run-of-the-mill lifestyle, wrong eating and not paying attention to oneself, in the last few years the risk of heart attack has increased even among the youth. The main function of the heart is to deliver blood to all the parts of the body. But when the heart does not do its work properly, it has a negative effect on the whole body. In such a situation, it is very important that you take special care of your heart and proper treatment should be taken by knowing the signs related to heart disease in time. Today we are going to tell you only about such signs and symptoms which point towards heart related problems. Let's know about them...

Chest pain
Heart-related chest pain is known as angina. A typical angina is described as a squeezing or choking chest pain in the center of the chest behind the sternum that may radiate to the jaw and arms. It often increases with exertion or after eating and decreases with rest.

Breathing problem
If while doing any physical activity, you have to face the problem of chest pain along with shortness of breath, then it indicates that your heart is not healthy and you have some heart related disease.

Profuse sweating
It is common for the body to sweat while working. But if you are feeling hot and sweating along with chest pain even in normal temperature, then these can be signs of a weak heart or heart attack.