Health Tips: Consuming some things along with curd is harmful to the body. Due to which the immunity of the body decreases.

Health Tips: The sunny day has come. People are suffering in the scorching heat. That's why at this time people drink cold drinks to give rest to the body. Usually, people like to drink curd on sunny days. Curd is very beneficial for our health. Curd increases the digestive power and also increases the immunity of the body. It is rich in calcium, which is beneficial for bones. Eating curd cures many diseases of the stomach. Not only this, but the right consumption of curd also helps in reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure. But do you know that eating curd in excess or with anything has a bad effect on health? Consuming some things along with curd is harmful to the body. Due to which the immunity of the body decreases. Let us know that dietician Dr. Kajal Tiwari has forbidden to eat curd with which things.

Onions with Yoghurt

People like to eat curd raita on sunny days. This raita is prepared by mixing curd with onions. Although this raita which looks delicious to the mouth is harmful to health. According to Ayurveda, onion has a warming effect on the body while curd provides a cooling effect. In such a situation, if both things are eaten together then the problem of allergy arises.

Pulses with curd

Similarly, eating pulses with curd causes acidity, flatulence, and loose motion in the stomach. That's why these two things should not be eaten together.

Mango with Curd

People like to eat mango and curd on sunny days. Most people also like to drink Mango Lassi on a sunny day. But this mouth-watering vaccine is harmful to our health. The effect of both is opposite to each other. Eating both together causes skin problems in the body. Not only this, it increases toxins in the body. This affects the digestion process of our body.

Yogurt with fish

Two protein foods should not be eaten at the same time. Eating curd with fish causes many diseases. Both foods are rich in proteins. However, eating fish and curd together can lead to digestive problems and gas formation in the stomach.

Dairy products with milk

Although both are dairy products, Ayurveda prohibits the consumption of both foods together. It is believed that eating both foods together can cause problems like stomach pain, gas, and diarrhea.

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