Health Tips: It is said that fasting keeps you healthy, but sometimes you are not allowed to fast only for health. We are telling you some measures, by adopting which you too can fast. Know what are those solutions

The number of carbohydrates will not increase in the body
Diabetes and heart patients should avoid consuming sago and foods made from it.

Eat something every four hours
Diabetes and heart patients should take measures to avoid possible risks.

Juice contains a sufficient amount of water
Juices and shakes made from watermelon, melon, cucumber, mango, and grapes can be taken during fasting.

Don't eat it with milk
Juice does not cause dehydration, vomiting, tiredness, etc. Do not consume milk with papaya and sour fruits.

Morning fruit, milk, soaked nuts
You will not experience weakness by including fruits, milk, and soaked nuts in breakfast in the morning.

Chia's are amazing
Apple Almond Milkshake with Chia Seeds or Kuttu Paneer Chilla can be taken for breakfast with curd.

Coconut water will also give relief
You can have lemonade with coconut water or any fruit of your choice.

Rajgir roti and gourd curry
Have Rajgir Roti Lauki ki Sabzi or Baked Sabudana Tikki with Cucumber Salad and Curd in the afternoon.

Chai with Roasted Makhana
Tea/coffee without sugar or with a pinch of rock salt. Cooked or roasted makhana can be taken with tea in the evening.

Fruit or cucumber salad at night
Eat light food at night. Eat one or two fruits or cucumber salads before eating.

Sweet Potatoes with Spinach or Yogurt
Sweet potato cutlets with boiled potatoes (in small quantities), spinach, or curd. Take thick pumpkin gourd soup and a glass of milk at night.