To keep our bodies healthy and fit, a regular nutritious diet is required. Along with the nutritiousness of the diet, it is also considered necessary to eat on time. Health experts say one of the diet-related problems seen in most people is skipping breakfast in the morning. This one wrong habit can increase many health problems in you. People who do not have breakfast in the morning have been suspected of developing serious problems ranging from heart disease to type-2 diabetes.

Dieticians say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After 6-8 hours of empty stomachs at night, the body needs nutritious food for energy. It is also necessary for metabolic processes. The habit of not having breakfast can increase many types of problems for you.

Why is breakfast important?
Many studies show that people who eat a nutritious breakfast in the morning have better health. The researchers found that such people were less likely to be overweight/obese and also had a lower risk of several chronic diseases.

If you skip breakfast, the habit can make you more likely to overeat in the second meal, which can lead to the body needing extra calories, says Marie Sabat, a lead dietician in the report. This habit can also lead to insulin spikes, which increases the risk of diabetes and body fat.

Heart problems
According to a study published in JAMA Journal, people who skip breakfast are almost 27% more likely to have a heart attack than other people. Dr. Leah Cahill, who led the research, says that the risk rate is not that worrying, but she also supports the fact that eating a healthy breakfast can reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Type-2 diabetes risk
The Harvard University School of Public Health conducted a study that aimed to understand the relationship between eating habits and health. 46,289 women took part in this research which lasted for about six years. The results of the study were surprising. According to the results, women who had a habit of skipping breakfast had a higher risk of developing type-2 diabetes than women who ate breakfast daily. Insulin spikes and excess weight were thought to be the cause.

What do experts say?
Dieticians say breakfast is called the 'most important meal of the day'. It replenishes your glucose supply, boosting your energy level and alertness, as well as providing essential nutrients for optimal health. Breakfast should be nutritious and healthy, including things like fruit salad, and milk in it so that the essential elements for the body can be supplied.

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