Women's Health: Many times the problem of heavy flow starts during periods. This can happen due to hormonal imbalance. If there is heavy flow during periods, do not ignore it and see a doctor.

Sesame, jaggery and fennel You can also eat jaggery, sesame and fennel to avoid heavy bleeding during periods. The effect of jaggery and sesame is hot. Eating these two together will prevent blood clots during periods and dirty blood will come out of the body. There will also be relief from pain. Fennel powder should be consumed to get relief from the problem of heavy bleeding. Boiling fennel powder in a cup of water and drinking it provides relief from the problem of periods and heavy flow.

Vitamin-C-Rich Foods Consume Vitamin C-rich foods when there is heavy bleeding during periods. With this the body gets iron and there will be no problem with anaemia. Apart from oranges, you can consume things like strawberries, kiwi, broccoli, and tomato juice. After heavy bleeding, there is no shortage of blood in the body, for this, consume things rich in iron. This will make haemoglobin in the body and there will be no problem with anaemia. During this, if fatigue or weakness is seen, then contact the doctor.

Eat ginger carrot You can consume ginger to avoid the problem of heavy flow during periods. Boil ginger in water, crush it and add honey to it and eat it two to three times a day. If you want, you can also eat carrots. Carotene is found in carrots. It maintains the level of estrogen in the body. Eating ginger and carrot will provide relief from heavy bleeding during periods.

Keep the body hydrated If you have a problem with heavy periods, then keep the body hydrated as much as possible. Drink 4 to 6 glasses of water every day. Due to this there will be no shortage of blood in the body and will get rid the problem. One more thing to be kept in mind is that the amount of salt in the body should not be allowed to decrease. Fruit and fresh vegetable juices should also be consumed at some time. Due to this, there will be no deficiency of nutrients and there will be no problem with dehydration.