Best Foods To Prevent UTI: The problem of urine infection occurs in both males and females, but this problem is more common in women and occurs frequently. We have already told you why women have more urine infections than men. The link to this story is given below, you can know the reason. Let's talk here, about those foods by eating which women can cure urine infection quickly and also reduce the frequency of occurrence of this infection...

What to eat to avoid urine infection?
Yoghurt- Yogurt contains such healthy bacteria, which help in keeping the intestines healthy and the urinary tract clean.

Garlic- It has antibacterial properties, which prevent any kind of bacteria from growing in the body. By eating this, the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections ie UTIs also do not grow quickly.

Yeast Foods- Probiotics ie foods that are prepared by raising yeast, their consumption helps in keeping the intestines and urinary tract clean.

Adequate amount of water- Drink the right amount of water every day according to the season and according to your work. Because when you pass the right amount of urine, the urinary tract gets cleaned. This is a very delicate area for bacteria to grow. That's why its cleaning is very important.

Eat berries and drink their juice- Eat fruits like cranberry, blueberry, and grapes or drink their juice. By consuming these, the body gets antibacterial nutrients and there is no bacterial growth in UT.

Foods containing Vitamin-C- Consuming these increases the immunity of the body. In such a situation, when a bacteria attacks the body from outside, the immunity cells destroy it and prevent infection.