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We all know very well that breast cancer is affecting women not only in India but all over the world, so many measures can be taken to avoid it. Somewhere health experts tell that by consuming linseed seeds, you can avoid breast cancer. Can reduce the risk of diabetes because nutrients are found in abundance in linseed seeds which are very beneficial for our body. You can include flax seeds in your diet in many ways. Let us know about it in detail through this article –

* Nutrients found in flax seeds:

Many nutrients are found in linseed seeds in abundance, let us tell you that the nutrients found in them include iron, vitamin B, magnesium, protein, calcium, vitamin C, phosphorus and folate, etc. All these nutrients are very beneficial for our health.

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* Flax seed helps in protecting against breast cancer:

Many studies have shown that consuming flaxseeds can reduce the risk of breast cancer. This is because flaxseeds are rich in fiber, lignans, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids. The consumption of flaxseed is beneficial for many health-related problems, but its consumption should not be considered a quick fix to prevent breast cancer.

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* Must include linseed seeds in daily diet:

Let us tell you that many factors including your age, genetics, medical history, lifestyle, and daily diet can increase the risk of cancer, so to get better results, you must include linseed seeds and linseed oil in your daily diet. And things rich in nutrients should always be included in your diet.