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In today's time, it is seen that diabetes has become a common disease, Many times people do not get its signs, but some parts of our body start giving signals on time. Will tell that when the blood sugar level increases in the body, the risk of many other diseases also increases, due to which many parts of the body start getting damaged. In such a situation, it is very important for you to know that before getting diabetes, you should know whether the blood sugar level in your body is increased or not, let us know about it in detail -

Photo Credit: Redcliffe Labs

* Affected eyesight:

Health experts say that if your eyesight has started decreasing or you have started seeing things blurry, then it can be a sign of diabetes because when the amount of blood sugar level in the body increases, it also has a bad effect on the eyes, which also has a bad effect on the eyes. Because of this, many times you start having a lot of problems in seeing distant things clearly.

Tingling in hands and feet:

If a person is at risk of diabetes, then the first sign is tingling in his hands and feet, if you also feel this type of problem every second or third day, then you need to be careful. Because due to increasing the sugar level, farting can also be a symptom because, in diabetes, the nerves of the person's body start getting weak, due to which Blue is not able to reach the different parts of the body properly through the veins and The problem of jitter starts to happen.

Photo Credit: Redcliffe Labs

* Kidney damage:

If you are also having any kind of problem-related to the kidney, then you may have sugar disease because it is a major cause of diabetes. Can't do it, and you start having frequent urination problems.

* Bleeding gums:

Bleeding gums can also be a sign of the initial symptoms of diabetes. If your gums bleed continuously, then you should contact the doctor immediately. In such a situation, when a person's gums bleed, the problem of foul smell starts coming.