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Many changes are seen in the body of women during pregnancy. Even before delivery, they have to face many problems. Many people believe that after delivery the woman's body will become normal but in reality, it is rarely seen.

After the delivery of the child, many women are surrounded by the problem of piles. In fact, due to abdominal problems during pregnancy, the risk of developing piles after delivery increases. If women take some precautions during pregnancy, then piles can be avoided.

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In the problem of piles, there is swelling in the veins around the rectum. Swelling occurs which is not normal. Along with the problem of lump causing itching. Apart from this, pain also arises during bowel movements. The shape of piles is like a small grain protruding outwards.

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There is pain, burning, and itching in the anus in piles disease. There is pain during bowel movements. Hemorrhoids cause pain even while sitting. Does not feel fresh even after a bowel movement. Also, there is a strong possibility of swelling, wound, and bleeding in the tissues near the rectum.