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We all know very well that due to water, air, and dust, dirt starts accumulating in our ears, this is called ear wax. It is seen that people use cotton buds to clean it. It is used more in urban areas, but is it okay to clean the ears with this, its use cleans the ear properly or it can also have disadvantages, let's know about it in detail. Health experts say that it is not good to use cotton buds to clean the ear because when cotton buds are inserted inside the ear, instead of taking out the dirt, it can also push it inside, due to which The risk of getting an infection in your ear increases significantly. Due to this, there may also be a cut in the ear. Let us tell you that cotton buds can also damage the inner layer of the ear. Because of this, your hearing ability will be affected badly.

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* Dirt goes into the ear canal:

Health expert tells that there is a process of making ear wax in the ear, this ear wax also protects our ears, but sometimes this ear wax becomes excessive in the ears, then it is harmful to our health. People are cleaning the ear with cotton buds, but do you know that while cleaning, the dirt inside can also go into the ear canal? Along with this, dangerous bacteria are also at risk of going inside our work.

Let us tell you that these bacteria can damage our eardrum. Because when any kind of dirt or any bacteria enters the ear, then it is not detected at all, in some cases it is definitely itching, but people do not pay attention to it and ignore it, in such a situation gradually it Dirt keeps increasing which can cause many serious diseases in the ear, in this way, you should avoid using cotton buds to clean the ear, especially in the case of children and the elderly, then it should not be used at all.

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* Clean the ears like this:

According to health experts, the best way to clean the ear is to add oil to it. For this, you can use shell oil or baby oil. Because by putting oil in the ear, the dirt inside comes out, so you can easily remove it with the help of a cloth. Apart from this, it is very important that you clean your ears while taking a bath, this is because a little water goes into the ears while taking a bath, which mixes with dust particles and makes dirt. Cleaning should be done properly.