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At present, it is seen that the cases of dengue are increasing very fast. Explain that in order to avoid the rapid spread of dengue by mosquitoes, the vulnerable sections of the population should take necessary safety precautions to protect their health. This includes pregnant women as they are not only at increased risk of getting infected with dengue but also It can also prove fatal to the unborn child, including premature birth and even fetal death. We all know very well that the monsoon season is going to last for some time and there is a rise in the cases of dengue that's why one may experience fever, rash on the body, pain in the eyes, pain in the muscles, joints or bones, vomiting, nausea. This is very important for pregnant women. Always wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants to reduce the risk of mosquito bites.

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* Why pregnant women are more prone to dengue:

Health experts say that there are many changes in the immune system during pregnancy to support the growing fetus, due to which pregnant women become more vulnerable to infections like dengue, apart from hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy. Once infected can affect the severity of the disease. Let us tell you that dengue infection during pregnancy can cause a lot of problems for both the mother and the child. These include premature birth, low birth weight, and even fetal death.

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* Symptoms of dengue seen in a pregnant woman:

It is very important to take care of the symptoms of dengue because it can often be ignored like other diseases. If you see any symptoms like high fever, severe headache, joint, and muscle pain, or experience a rash in your body. Contact the doctor immediately, and do not make the mistake of ignoring them because your slight negligence can become the enemy of your life.