There are some people in school-college and then in jobs, who miss home food while staying outside. The matter of eating at home is different, while the food prepared in shops or restaurants can even make us ill. Cooking food while staying outside is no less than a task for most people. Research by NCBI has come out, according to which more energy, protein, good fat and carbohydrates can be found in home food as compared to outside food.

Most of the people who live away from home are victims of bad lifestyles and wrong eating habits. Those working in areas like Delhi or Noida save time and effort by eating Maggi or other foods. By the way, we are going to tell you about those healthy food options, which are healthy as well as tasty.

Important nutrients like fibre and protein are present in the right amount in it. Poha is easy to make and it tastes amazing too. Whether you have to leave home and live outside or stay at your place, definitely eat poha for breakfast at least twice a week. Do not forget to eat peanuts in Poha because nutrients are also present in them.

Idli made from rice and lentils is the healthiest South Indian food. By taking a little time, you can prepare it at home. The readymade batter of idli is available in the market, which you can eat with great enthusiasm for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Tasty idli is my all-time favourite food. That's why to stop thinking about confusion like what to eat in food and start eating idli.

Oats Porridge
Apart from being a superfood, oats are also considered a tasty food, just the way of preparing it should be good. Try oats porridge to eat healthy once a day. Oats porridge can be made more healthy by adding green vegetables to it. You can double the taste of oats porridge by adding Maggi masala.