It is quite normal to have fatigue or swelling in the feet after a day's running and work, but if you often have this problem, then you also need to be careful. Persistent swelling in the feet can also be an indicator of serious health problems in many situations. Some studies have even suggested that persistent swelling in the legs can be a sign of serious cases of heart disease. There is a need to keep paying special attention to such situations.

Doctors say that there can be many reasons for swelling of the feet, especially the heels and soles. It can be a reaction due to an injury or can also be due to lifestyle problems. But in some situations, this type of swelling has also been observed due to the formation of blood clots in the body, which if not taken care of, can have serious side effects.

How dangerous is swelling of the feet?
Health experts say, to get an idea of how serious the swelling is and what its side effects can be, it is necessary to first know what is causing the swelling in the feet. In some cases, it can be caused by a very normal physiological reaction, such as pregnancy, injury, or even walking or standing for long periods during the day. But if this problem persists often, then its reasons should be properly diagnosed. Swelling can also occur in some people in case of diseases like heart-kidney.

If the bloating does not subside on its own or it is recurring, it is necessary to see a doctor to find out the underlying cause.

This problem can be caused by kidney diseases
In kidney diseases, if this organ is not able to function properly, there may be difficulty in taking out the wastes. In this condition also, there are problems like frequent urination, difficulty in breathing, fatigue, chest pain, and pressure along with swelling in the feet. People who have already had kidney disease should keep paying attention to these signs seriously.

Is it because of heart disease?
Swelling of the feet can also be a sign of serious problems like heart disease or heart failure. Due to problems in the heart, it is not able to pump blood properly. In these conditions, there may be a problem of swelling in the feet and ankles. Along with this symptom of heart disease, you also start having problems like shortness of breath, and increased heartbeat, which needs to be taken seriously.
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