Hair is an important part of any woman's personality. Your new haircut can help you completely change your look. But in today's time, the desire for beautiful hair is not fulfilled so easily. Today's stressful lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits affect not only your health but also your hair. In such a situation, extra care is needed to make the hair healthy. The hair mask is considered very good for hair care. By applying it to the hair, growth is good. But to get the full benefit of it, you must know the information mentioned here related to the hair mask.

Choose the right hair mask
Like any other skin and hair product, you must choose the right hair mask. Just as your skin is different, so is your hair type and hair concern, and therefore, while choosing a hair mask, you should pay attention to your hair type and hair concern. Whether you buy hair masks from the market or make hair masks at home, select ingredients that are relevant to your hair concerns. According to hair type and concern, you will not get any benefit by not choosing a mask.

Apply hair mask only after head wash
This is the first and foremost rule of a hair mask. Generally, we apply similar hair masks to all hair, although this method is very wrong. A hair mask should never be applied to dirty hair. Actually, by applying a hair mask to a dirty scalp, the nutrition does not go deep under your scalp. Apart from this, dirt, dust and sebum get mixed with your hair mask, due to which you may get itching. Also, you will not get the best result in this way. That's why always wash your head first and only then apply a hair mask to your hair.

Do not leave in hair for long
After applying the hair mask, leave it on the hair for 15 to 30 minutes. Dip a towel in warm water, wring it out lightly and wrap it around your hair after applying the mask. While no evidence leaving hair masks on for long periods or overnight can cause hair damage, it can leave your scalp heavy and oily. And keeping it for a long time has not shown any better results, so it is better that you follow the instructions written on the packet of the mask and apply the mask on the hair for the same amount of time as mentioned in it...