How To Prevent Hair Dryness: The coolness, cold and dry winds that come with the winter season can affect the health of the hair. Due to cold, the moisture of the hair decreases and this can make them dry and lifeless. Overall beauty is affected due to dyed hair. Due to which one has to walk with the head covered. Let us know what measures you can take to protect your hair from dryness during the winter season.

How to protect hair from dryness

1. Oil Massage

Use oils regularly to maintain hair moisture in winter. Coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil can help moisturize hair. Many people avoid applying oil to their hair, this is a mistake

2. Washing hair with lukewarm water:

In winter, dryness can be reduced by washing hair with lukewarm water. Take care that the water is not too hot otherwise the hair can get damaged and the skin can also get burnt.

3. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Taking a healthy diet is an important condition for good health. If you want to maintain the beauty of your hair, you must include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Good amount of vitamins and minerals helps in maintaining moisture in the hair.

4. Use mild shampoo:

Nowadays it has become necessary to use shampoo to keep the hair clean, but if you use too many chemical based products then the hair can get damaged. It is better for you to use a mild shampoo on the advice of experts and protect your hair from dryness.

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