For good hair growth, not only shampoo and conditioner are required, but hair also needs care. Oiling the hair and protecting the hair from heat are very important for hair care. Often some women have the habit of using a hair dryer to dry their hair daily. You know that excessive use of a hair dryer takes away the natural oil from your hair and makes the hair dry and lifeless.

Daily use of hair dryers increases hair fall and hair starts decreasing. Avoid using a hair dryer daily to dry hair. Using a dryer not only takes away the moisture from the hair but also turns the hair white. Using a regular hair dryer on the hair leads to a lack of melanin in the hair. Due to the lack of melanin, the colour of the hair is affected and the hair starts turning white. Let us know what are the problems caused by using the dryer on hair daily and how to treat them.

The problem of split ends increases:
If you use a hair dryer daily then the problem of split ends can increase. Due to the decrease in the level of nutrients in the hair, the hair becomes split and weak and starts breaking quickly. A hair dryer dries and weakens the hair due to which hair breaks faster.

The scalp can be dehydrated:
Excessive use of a hair dryer can dehydrate your scalp. Its use can cause dry patches, itching and dandruff on the scalp.

How to protect hair with a hair dryer:
Do not wash your hair too much. If you wash your hair more and use a hair dryer more, then your hair will become weak and start breaking. Weak hair causes baldness.
After washing the hair, do use conditioner on the hair. If you apply conditioner, then the hair will remain moisturised. The increased dryness caused by the hair dryer will be less visible on the hair.
Do not use too much chemical base shampoo on your hair. Chemical base shampoos make hair dry.