What is meant by the term cyberstalking? Usually, such words are used in many hi-fi movies, but do you know that it has become a part of your life as well? Stalking someone on any digital medium is cyberstalking. Many of you may not consider it necessary, but digital privacy is under threat due to the increasing cybercrime incidents in the country and the world. You simply upload a photo on social media, but every piece of information like where it is, when it was taken, and where you are can reach your stalker through it.

Cyber security expert ShubhamAjit Singh explains cyber stalking properly.

Now when everything from updating photos to buying milk with the help of Paytm and online shopping to transacting lakhs are being done through phone only, then it is very important to make yourself aware of cyberstalking.

How to recognize cyberstalking?

In the opinion of experts, in today's era, any member with a digital footprint can become a part of cybercrime. To avoid this, active internet users must look for these symptoms-

Frequent emails or friend requests from unknown people

Facing harassment on social media

Stealing Victim's Identity on Social Media or Dating Apps

ShubhamAjit Singh says, "A pattern is seen that people mostly target the victims they know. Unknown people target the female audience on the internet."

Ways to Avoid Cyber ​​Stalking

Here one thing is to be understood that the risk of cyberstalking can increase very much. The more you depend on social media and digitalization, the more your risk will increase. Anything from online bullying to cyber fraud can come under this. Cyberstalking is done in many ways and the most important thing is that you learn to recognize its signs. Harassment or abuse can happen through cyber stalking, so if you feel that something like this is happening, then you should report it immediately.

What not to do

  • Never share your personal information.
  • Do not share your location on social media.
  • Don't entertain trolls and stalkers.
  • Do not share your phone number etc on social media.

What to do?

  • Do update some kind of privacy settings on social media.
  • If any kind of stalking is happening to you, then save all the screenshots or proofs.
  • Block cyberstalkers from everywhere.
  • If there is any case regarding cyberstalking, then report it to your nearest police station.

Cybercrime portal

Complaints can also be made on the cybercrime.gov.in website. Cyber ​​crimes related to women and children are specially registered in the portal related to cybercrime. However, you can register any kind of complaint through it. You have to give the correct details here. Based on your given details, you will get the tracking ID and you will know the status of your complaint.

Numbers for emergency

If there is an emergency, you can call the local police station or the National Police Helpline number 112 and the National Women Helpline number 181 or the Cybercrime Helpline number 1930.