If you want to start your morning with a smile on your loved ones' faces, then remind them of you. As soon as they open their eyes, make your friends, relatives and close ones feel that you are remembering them. For this, a loving message in the morning will be enough. When they pick up their mobile to turn off the alarm or check the time, your message should appear in their notifications.

Surely, seeing your name will bring a smile on their face. Then when they open WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram to read the message, a cute message and a beautiful morning picture can make their day beautiful and pleasant.

Here are lovely good morning messages, which can be sent to your loved ones through pictures or with beautiful lines of the message and said good morning.

Every morning is a new beginning

Saying good morning with a smile and love

brings happiness.

May your morning be so pleasant

May all the sorrows of the past become old

May this day give you so much happiness

May even happiness become crazy about your smile.

The night passed, the day came

The wind blew and hit

I asked where you came from

You shyly said, you sent me.

Good morning

(PC: Pexel)