Every part of the body has its importance and function. But each organ tells a lot about your health. For example, the feet have been considered a very important part of the body. It is not only helpful in walking, but it also connects the internal parts of your body. Due to this the feet also provide indications of many diseases.

However, you don't need to be a doctor for this. All you need to do is understand the signals you feel in your feet. For example, from pain to numbness in the feet, some symptoms tell about the symptoms of the disease before any other part of your body.

Usually, people ignore it, but you shouldn't. So, in this article today, we are telling you about the changes in the feet and the health problems associated with it-

Dry skin

If the skin around your heels is very dry, cracked or flaky, it could be a sign of thyroid. Your thyroid gland produces hormones that control everything from your metabolic rate to blood pressure and nervous system functions. But when the heels of the feet are dry, it can be a sign of thyroid. However, sometimes due to weather changes, dryness can also occur on the skin. But along with dry skin of the feet, if you also have weight gain, numbness in your hands or problems related to vision, then once contact the doctor and get the necessary tests done.

Cold feet

If your toes are always cold, one of the reasons could be poor blood flow. Apart from this, uncontrolled diabetes can also cause you to feel cold feet. Also, a person suffering from hypothyroidism and anaemia may experience coldness in the feet.

Leg numbness

When there is a decrease in blood flow to the area of ​​the feet, it leads to numbness in the feet. Generally, when people sit in the same position for a long time, there is a feeling of numbness in the feet. It is normal for this to happen occasionally, but you should not ignore it if it happens regularly. Foot numbness can be a sign of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes complicates the flow of blood to your feet. This means wounds or cuts may take longer to heal, leaving you more susceptible to infection.

Swollen feet

Swollen feet are normal when you stand for long periods. But sometimes it can indicate a serious medical condition. This may be due to poor blood circulation. Not only this but sometimes kidney disorders or underactive thyroid can also cause swelling. So, if you have persistent swelling in your feet, see a doctor.

Burning sensation in legs

If you feel a burning sensation in your feet then you should not take it lightly. Burning in the feet can be due to many reasons. For example, vitamin B deficiency, athlete’s foot, chronic kidney disease, poor blood circulation in the feet, or hypothyroidism is some of the reasons why a person may feel a burning sensation in the feet.

So now if you also see these signs in your feet, then be alert immediately and must consult a doctor once.

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Your skin and body are as different as you are. We endeavour to bring you correct, safe and expert-verified information through our articles and social media handles, but still, you must consult your doctor before trying any home remedy, hack or fitness tip.