Food Craving: Many people feel like eating something or the other again and again. Normally, even though this food craving does not seem bad to anyone, it can be harmful to your health. This food craving attracts you towards eating things rich in refined carbs, which is not good for your health.

Craving to eat something repeatedly throughout the day is no less than a challenge. In such a situation, where it tempts you to eat things rich in simple and refined carbs, on the other hand, it can also affect your health. Celebrity nutritionist Rashi Chaudhary has told about this on her Instagram account about three special reasons for carb cravings.

Protein deficiency
Lack of protein in the body creates food cravings, due to which we want to eat something again and again. When protein is deficient in the body, it feels like eating such things which helps in giving instant energy to the body. Usually, this need of the body is fulfilled through carbohydrates. This is because an adequate amount of protein is necessary in the body for better maintenance of muscles, tissue repair, and enzyme synthesis. According to Rashi Chaudhary, it is necessary to consume 1 gram to 1.2 grams of protein normally per kilogram of body weight.

Lack of sleep
If you do not get enough deep sleep, then food cravings can also be the reason for this. Lack of sleep directly affects the energy level and hormonal balance of the body. Along with this, ghrelin, which is the hormone responsible for feeling hungry, also starts increasing, due to which the level of leptin, which is the satiety hormone, can also decrease. Due to insufficient sleep, the balance of hormones starts deteriorating and due to this, hunger is more.

Nitrogen deficiency
If nitrogen is deficient in the body, then to make up for it, it tries to break down the protein stores and starts moving toward proteolysis. Nitrogen is very important for amino acid and protein synthesis. In such a situation, the body starts feeling the need for carbohydrates for energy.

Remove carb cravings like this
To overcome food cravings, you can include healthy fat, high fiber, and lean protein items in your diet. These foods also keep the blood sugar level stable in the blood. Also, to stay healthy, processed foods should be included in the diet at least.
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