Fitness After 45 At growing age, one should always focus on such exercises in which the chances of injury are minimum. So if your age is above 45 then what kind of exercise you should do, know here.

Fitness After 45: Women are more conscious about their health. They want to look fit at every age, but after the age of 45, many types of health problems begin in women, due to which they are unable to do workouts. So keeping yourself fit in such a situation becomes a challenge. So if you too have crossed 45, then what kind of workouts can keep you fit, let us know.

stretching is very important

By stretching, the muscles of the body become active, so stretching should be done by people of all ages, it makes you look fit.

To do stretching, join both hands and stretch upwards, and lift the ankles above the ground. Stay in this position for a few seconds. In this, there is a lot of stretching from the upper to the lower body. Do it two to three times.

After this, while bending the legs, try to touch the knee with the chest and then stretch the right or above the left leg, holding it with both hands while taking it backward.

With these exercises, the whole body opens up and it becomes easy to exercise.

start with warm-up

Physical activity is necessary for people of all ages to stay fit. In such a situation, you can do a light warm-up at your home.

Start the warm-up with the neck. Move the neck up-down, right-left, and then in a circle.

After this, rotate the right-left hand alternately, then both hands together. Do shoulder rotation as well.

alternating workouts

Women can do cardio without doing heavy workouts. Cardio does not mean quick and fast exercises, but those exercises which you can activate your body by doing for a few seconds.

Spot running is best for this. It means running while standing in one place. If you have trouble running, you can also choose the option of jogging.

By doing this for 10 minutes daily, the circulation of blood in the body remains good and it is also a beneficial workout for heart health.

light exercises

Heavy workouts can start many other problems, so it is better to focus on those exercises which can be done comfortably and their benefits are also many. There are many such asanas in yoga, which do not require much strength, but you can see their effect in a few days. Bhujangasan, Setubandhasan, Naukasan, Sarvangasan, Titli Asana are included in such beneficial asanas.