When it is cold weather and we do not make the coat a part of our wardrobe, it cannot happen. Generally, women pay attention to its color and style while buying a coat during winters. But apart from the warmth of the coat, you should also focus equally on your body type. In today's time, you will easily find many styles in the winter coat in the market, which are very stylish to look at and hence women buy them without thinking.

Whereas in reality, you should also check while buying a winter coat whether it is stylish fits according to your body type or not. Buying a coat just for the sake of fashion is a waste of money because, in the end, you may not get the look you had imagined. So, today in this article we are telling you about how to choose the right winter coat according to the body type-

Hourglass body shape

If your body shape is an hourglass, it means that your waste is well defined. The leg shapes are also very good. Such women should choose such a winter coat, which shows their waist more defined. Try to avoid too many boxy coats. Instead, opt for a belted coat. This will give a slimmer look to your vest, which will make you look smarter. On the other hand, if it is about the length of the coat, then you should choose such coats which are from the hips to the bottom. Trench coats and belted wool wraps look great for women of hourglass body shape.

Petit body shape

A petite body figure is considered to be one whose frame is short and whose length is less than 160 cm. So it is a good idea for such ladies to wear short style coats. Since you are not very tall, long coats will make you look bulkier. If you want, you can also wear a medium-length classic wool coat as well as belted coats can also be styled. Never try to make a knee-length coat a part of your style.

Apple body shape

If your body shape is apple, it means that your midsection is wide and your legs are slim. Due to which you should give priority to such a coat, which distracts people's attention from your vest and gets everyone's attention on the legs. Such women should wear a cocoon winter coat or a light coat. At the same time, if you want to give a slim look effect to your vest in a coat, then you can also wear a bomber jacket.

Tall and Rectangle Body Shape

If you are a woman of tall and rectangular body shape then choosing the best winter coat for you can be a challenging option. You can opt for an oversized cocoon or a duster coat for yourself. Also, if you want to create a feminine look in a coat, then you should wear a wide hemline coat, which has a more defined waist area. At the same time, swing coats will help to make your look very stylish.

Image Credit- Instagram