After a long wait, Meta has released end-to-end encryption for Facebook Messenger. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself has given this information. Mark Zuckerberg has said in one of his posts that calls and messages on Facebook Messenger will now be end-to-end encrypted by default.

After this update, the Facebook Messenger app has now become as secure in terms of security as WhatsApp. Loredana Christian, head of Facebook Messenger, has said that after this encryption, Meta or any third-party apps will not be able to see the calls or messages of the messenger, however, if a user complains about any message, then in such a situation that message will be deleted by the company. Accesses.

By the way, let us remind you that encryption has been in Facebook Messenger since 2016 but it was not there by default. Now after the new update, it has become encrypted by default.

Let us tell you that Meta has also launched its new AI tool Imagine. With the help of Imagine you can create any photo or graphics. You just have to write text and this tool will give you images. Meta's Imagine is a text-to-image tool. Apart from this, Imagine is a standalone tool that has to be used separately.
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