To make the face shiny, you will find more than one product in the market. At the same time, some of us women also use home remedies to increase the glow of our faces.

However, now you will find illuminator cream in the market, which will give a glow to the face which will look natural.

Whether you use makeup or not, everyone's eyes will be fixed on the glow of your face. If you do not know about illuminator cream and want to know the right way to use it, then you must read this article once.

What is a face illuminator?

Usually, people consider it as face oil, but face illuminator is not face oil. It is a kind of cream, you spread well by applying a little on the skin and when it gets absorbed in the skin, a unique glow is seen on the face. Even when you apply makeup over the Face Illuminator Cream, your face glows and you do not have to use glitters. You will find illuminator cream in many good brands in the market.


There is a lot of difference between face highlighter and face illuminator cream. While the illuminator cream is applied before the base, the face highlighter is always used last. The illuminator is cream based and the highlighter is available in all three forms powder, cream and lotion. The illuminator cream works wonders once it gets absorbed into the skin, while the highlighter sticks like a layer on top of the skin. Like the highlighter, you will also find many shades in the illuminator.

How and where to apply face illuminator?

Take a small amount of illuminator cream in the palm and apply it on the face well when the cream gets absorbed in the skin, then use makeup on top. You can use illuminator cream all over the face.

Which makeup is the illuminator best for?

Although you can use illuminator cream for a makeup look to a bold makeup look, its best use is for nude makeup. When you use nude colours in makeup, then this illuminator cream makes your face glow and highlights the face.

On what type of skin should I apply illuminator cream?

You can apply illuminator cream on both oily and dry skin. If your skin is very dry, then you should first apply light baby oil or any other facial oil on the face and then you should use illuminator cream.