Monsoon Travel Packing: At this time it is monsoon season in almost every part of the country. Many people like the time of monsoon so much that they go out to visit some of the best places.

The company of loved ones and beautiful views during drizzling rain are memorable moments, but the fun of the journey is felt only when the goods are packed in the bag according to the monsoon.

If you too are going for a monsoon trip with family, friends and partners, then we are going to tell you about some things that you can pack in your bag. Surely after packing these things, your journey will become even more beautiful. Let's know.

Carry waterproof bag

Before packing any luggage before going for a trip in the monsoon, you should use a waterproof bag instead of a normal bag. Using this, apart from your mobile, clothes and food and drink, many things can be saved from getting spoiled. For this, plastic bags or zip locker bags can also be used. In such a situation, before going on a monsoon trip, make sure to use a waterproof bag to keep all your belongings safe.

Pack a raincoat

The first thing you should do before starting a monsoon trip is to pack your raincoat. Raincoat not only protects you from rain but also prevents you from getting sick. For this, you can carry a half or full-waterproof raincoat. You can also use a big plastic instead of a raincoat so that your whole body is covered.

Quick drying clothes

If you are going for a trip in the monsoon, then you should pack clothes according to the monsoon. If you pack thick clothes in the monsoon, then there is a problem with drying. So, before embarking on a journey in the monsoon, pack thick and synthetic type of clothes. They also dry quickly and are easy to carry. In addition to clothing, don't forget to pack waterproof shoes.

Don't forget to pack the first aid box

It is common practice to apply monsoon worms. You go out for a walk from any corner of the country, mosquitoes, flying ants etc. insects keep appearing everywhere. In such a situation, do not forget to pack the first aid box to keep the skin safe or away from any other disease.

Due to the bite of monsoon insects, many times skin problems start to appear. In such a situation, do not forget to pack body lotion or mosquito repellant to keep the skin safe.

Pack these things too

  1. not forget to do these things before travelling in monsoon. For example, apart from clothes, using a hair dryer can also do the work of drying hair. Also do not forget to pack a power bank, waterproof mobile cover and umbrella.