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Ancestors say that once upon a time there was only one country in Asia whose name was Aryavrit. This country full of diverse cultures was divided into many parts due to the evil eye of the infidels. Along with the changing culture, people's style of eating food and the things used in eating have also changed.

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In countries like India including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia, there used to be a culture of eating completely by hand. But here also the effect of Western culture is visible and people have started using spoons to eat food. But do you know that eating with a spoon causes damage to health? Experts say that eating food with a spoon worsens the blood sugar level and can lead to type 2 diabetes.

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According to Ayurveda, the five fingers of the hand represent the five elements. In which the thumb, index finger for air, middle finger for the sky, ring finger for the earth, and little finger for water have been displayed. When we eat food with our hands, the quantity is controlled and we avoid overeating. By eating food with our hands, we stay connected to our culture. This also exercises the muscles of the hands.