The market is always awash with new and trendy earring designs. Every week you will see something new in earring fashion but there is one thing, which has not changed even today, and that wearing earrings with heavy earrings.

Kanouti means earring chain. You will get 2 benefits by wearing Kanouti. Firstly, you will not feel uncomfortable wearing heavy earrings and secondly, Kanouti will give a designer look to your simple earring as well.

Many times we take chain earrings as a hobby, but when it comes to setting the chain, we make some style blunders and spoil our entire look. So today we will tell you in this article how you can set the earring chain.

Chain Setting Style - 1

If your earring chain is too heavy, you can fix it in your hair with the help of hairpins. In this type of chain, if you apply fringe, chandelier and multi-layered chain in an open or bun, then your hair will also look good and the first earrings in the ears will also flaunt well.

Many times while wearing this type of heavy earring chain, we hang them too much in the ears while we should pin them on the hair crown area. If the chain hangs over your shoulder and comes in contact with the fabric, it can get caught in the fabric and ruin it.

If you want, you can carry these earring chains differently and instead of ears, you can carry them with maangbindi.

Chain setting style - 2

You will also find such earrings in the market in which you will get double earrings along with the chain. If you have more than one piercing in your ears, then you can carry this type of earrings. You will find many varieties in it. If you are looking for lightweight chain earrings then you should choose light chain earrings and if you are looking for heavy earrings then you will get heavy chains also. You can carry these types of earrings with both casual and ethnic outfits.

Chain setting style - 3

If the chain of the earrings is heavy and straight, then instead of trapping it in the hair, you can trap it in the lock of the earring. Due to this, you do not have any problem wearing heavy earrings and Kanoti also looks good. Keep in mind that the lock of your earring should be good because if it is not good then Kanouti will come out again and again and you will feel uncomfortable. You will find most of these knots matching them with earrings.


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