A large number of road accidents occur every year due to smog in the winter season. Wet roads and low visibility due to dew are responsible for most of the accidents. Let's understand what things can be avoided by keeping in mind the accident:

  1. Always keep the headlights on low beams in fog. By doing this, it will be easy to see the other vehicle and the correct direction of the vehicle will also be known.
  2. Be sure to see the other vehicle clearly in the fog. Do not use only fog lights. Fog lights are not visible to vehicles coming from far away. Also keep the headlights on low beam, so that other drivers can see them easily.
  3. Do not make the mistake of overtaking other vehicles because the roads are wet from the cold, in such a situation, there are more chances of skidding due to sudden braking.
  4. Drive in your lane in the fog. Don't cross the lane. Pay attention to the white stripes on the side of the road.
  5. If for some reason there is a need to stop the vehicle on the way, then park the vehicle on the side of the road. Because even if your parking lights are on, it is less likely to be seen in the fog or it is too late to be seen.
  6. Drive the vehicle in fog at a lower speed than normal because it can be easily stopped in case of an emergency. Visibility is low due to fog, due to which the chances of accidents are high.
  7. Use fog lamps in fog. With the help of fog lamps, you can see better and further. The light of the fog lamps does not travel very far but covers a wide area.
  8. Maintain a fixed distance between your vehicle and other vehicles. This gives time to apply the brakes in case of an emergency.
  9. Drive the vehicle slowly while passing around the pond or river, in case of heavy fog, burn all four into the centers of the vehicle.
  10. During a long journey, if the vehicle has to be parked at a shop located on the highway side, then turn on all its lights.