Dog Food: You may like to keep dogs or feed them, but if you are negligent in this work, then the health of this pet can be severely damaged.

Pet Care: There is no dearth of dog lovers around us, some people like to keep dogs at home, while many are interested in feeding stray dogs. Feeding any living being is an act of virtue, but there is a need to be careful in this work also, you cannot feed everything that you eat to your pet. Let us know what are those things which can be harmful to dogs by feeding them.

Don't feed these things to dogs

1. Chocolate

Most of us like to eat chocolate, and when we eat it with fervor, we do not refrain from feeding some pieces of it to the dogs too, but this act of yours can harm the dogs. Because of this, the dog may have to face allergies.

2. Foods containing onion and garlic

Onion and garlic contain thiosulphate which damages the blood vessels of dogs, due to which they can be at risk of anemia. That's why don't let the dog eat and drink those things in which ginger and garlic are mixed. Cooked meat contains both these spices in abundance, so avoid them. Instead, you can feed raw meat.

3. Grapes and Raisins

Who doesn't like the taste of grapes and raisins, we add them to many recipes to enhance the taste but never let dogs eat these sweet things, it can have a bad effect on their kidneys. Since the work of the kidney is to filter out the dirt, the overall health of this animal deteriorates when the kidney is damaged.

What to feed the dog?

Before feeding anything to the dog, get information from the dog expert. Usually, milk and raw meat are good for this pet, but special types of biscuits and food are available for them in the market.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Before adopting it, do take expert advice. Kalamtimes does not confirm this.)