Summer has set in. As much as this weather is best for chilling, it can also harm your health. Summer season affects body functions including our metabolism, digestion, fluid balance. A slight change in diet can make you ill. There are some food items in this season which should be consumed in very small quantities. Let us know about this from health expert PriyankaJaiswal.

Avoid eating these things in summer

  • In the summer season, people enjoy drinking cold beer, but it has a bad effect on our health. Consuming alcohol slows down the functioning of the hypothalamus gland that controls body temperature. At the same time, it is a diuretic, which makes us want to pass urine again and again, which leads to water deficiency in our body.
  • Tea and coffee are the favourite drinks of all of us. But distance should also be maintained during the summer season. All these caffeine-containing drinks are diuretics. This can cause dehydration in your body and make you feel weak.
  • Consumption of protein-rich foods should also be avoided. This can also make you feel dehydrated. The body uses more water to metabolize naturally occurring nitrogen in proteins, which can lead to dehydration in cells.

  • One should avoid eating non-veg or very spicy food during the summer season. This can disturb the body temperature and also cause digestive problems.
  • One should avoid eating junk food. Nowadays people eat a lot of pizza, burgers, patties, momos etc. These are oily as well as unhygienic, which can cause upset stomach, due to which problems like diarrhoea and vomiting start occurring.
  • In summer, when some people feel thirsty, they start consuming sweet beverages like energy drinks, soda or sports drinks, this should also be avoided. These contain high amounts of sugar which can cause dehydration and increased blood sugar levels.

image credit-Freepik