Directions of Vastu: A description of 10 directions is found in Vastu and astrology. However, people are aware of only four directions-'East, West, North and South'. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about the importance of directions in Vastu and which the deities of which direction are.

Our astrologer expert Dr. Radhakant Vats while giving information about the directions told us that every direction has its own significance in Vastu Shastra. This is because there are digpals and lords of every direction and their effect is also different.

Names of 10 directions

  • Apart from East, West, North and South there are 6 more directions whose names are as follows: North-West, North-East, South-East, South-West, South-East, North -south.
  • Apart from this, whatever two directions combine to form one direction, there are different angles in between.
  • For example, in the middle of the north-west, in the middle of the northeast, in the middle of the north-east, in the middle of the southeast, in the middle of the south-east, in the middle of the south-west, etc.

Gods, planets and importance of 10 directions

  • Northeast direction: The place between north and east direction is called northeast angle. The deity of this direction is Lord Shiva. Whereas, the ruling planet of this direction is Jupiter. According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered very auspicious to have windows or doors in this direction. This place is best for worship.
  • East Direction: Digpal of East direction is Indra Dev. Also, the ruling planet of this direction is the Sun God. Ancestors also reside in this direction. For this reason, it is said in Vastu Shastra to keep this direction open. Even stairs should not be made in this direction.

  • North-west direction: The middle place of North-west is called north-west direction or angle. The deity of this direction is Vayu deity and the planetary lord of this direction is Moon. To keep this direction neat and clean, by keeping light things, sweetness remains in the relationships. Heavy things should not be kept in this direction.
  • West Direction: The deity of the west direction is Varun Dev i.e. the god of water and the planetary lord of this direction is Shani Dev. This direction should never be left blank. Keeping heavy things in this direction is very auspicious and fruitful. Leaving these direction blank causes problems in business.
  • North direction: The deity of the north direction is Lord Dhanvantari i.e. Kuber Dev. The ruling planet of this direction is Mercury. In Vastu, this direction is considered to be the direction of wealth. That's why there should always be a photo or picture of Maa Lakshmi in the room built in this direction. Due to this, there is no financial crisis in the house.
  • Southeast direction: The middle place of the south-east is called the southeast angle. As its name suggests, the deity of this direction is Agni Dev. whereas, the lord of this direction is the planet Venus. Making a kitchen in this direction is considered very auspicious.
  • South direction: The deity of the south direction is Yamraj , while its lord is the planet Mars. It is auspicious to do heavy construction and keep heavy goods in this direction. Although it is forbidden in Vastu to make a door in the south direction.
  • Southwest angle: The direction emerging from south and west is called southwest direction or angle. The deity of this direction is Nairit Dev and the ruling planets of this direction are Rahu and Ketu. This place should be kept high and heavy. Also, there should be no place of water here.

  • Vertical direction: The sky direction is called vertical direction. Lord Brahma is the master of this direction. There are no ruling planets in this direction. Vastu believes that prayer done facing this direction is always fulfilled.
  • Patal or Adho direction: The direction which goes towards the earth or Patal is called Patal or Adho direction. The master of this direction is the serpent god. For this reason, before starting any construction or before moving to a new house, there is a law to perform BhoomiPujan and GrihaPraveshPujan.

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