Health is a process which cannot be built in a day. For example, whatever you eat or small things in lifestyle together affect your health. Similarly, it is said about diseases that no disease attacks you suddenly, but there are some early symptoms or signs, which show that your body is not reacting properly. You start having many health problems. In such a situation, if you start taking the initial symptoms seriously, then you can avoid many diseases. The same is said about diabetes. It is a condition that affects the system that controls the process of converting food into energy. In this condition, due to lack of insulin, the level of blood sugar in the body increases, which leads to many problems. In such a situation, there are some such signs, by recognizing which diabetes can be controlled in time.Increased appetite
There is a shortage of glucose in the cells of the body, so the energy level of the body decreases. For this reason hunger is triggered. In such a situation, at the onset of diabetes, a person feels hungry again and again.
Blurred vision
When the amount of blood sugar exceeds the limit, then its effect starts falling on our body. It affects many of our work or physical activities. In this the first effect falls on our eyes. The eyes become blurry. High blood sugar damages the blood vessels of the eyes, this is called retinopathy.Swelling or numbness in the extremities
One of the early symptoms of diabetes is swelling in the hands and feet. Apart from this, many people also get numb in their hands. For example, tingling in the feet starts after sitting or standing for a long time. As soon as this problem occurs, blood sugar must be checked.
Having mood swings
The body is unable to fully utilize the food and glucose, so your mood swings keep happening. Sometimes you feel very happy, sometimes your mind starts crying even on some small thing.
Weight loss
Everyone notices weight gain in diabetic patients, but one of the early symptoms of diabetes is rapid weight loss. If your weight is decreasing rapidly without any reason, then you must consult a doctor. When the body doesn't get enough glucose for energy, it tries to meet its energy demands in other ways, which affects weight.
Time to heal
The initial symptom of diabetes is that it takes time for the wound or injury to heal. Body tissues are not able to repair quickly. In such a situation, the risk of many more infections remains.